Prep Senior Annual Concert
With the M.A.D. (Make A Difference) evening , we tried to bring about a change in our environment with the theme of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Children in the process of learning gave the crowd an important message for the coming years;

“Do the earth a favor, Be a Power saver”.

Glimpses of Prep Junior Annual Concert (2018-19)

Nursery Annual Concert – (2016-17)

The Nursery Concert -"Happy Feet" had 320 children on stage , happy , turning, twisting, to bring happiness all around a great stress buster for all the audience. Colourful costumes and confident children were the highlight of the event. The little wonder's were a treat to watch!!! Yepppee.... hoping many happy times to come.

Annual Concert (2016-17)

A complete in-house production comprising of 650 young artists (Prep. Junior and Prep. Senior) rocking the stage with their vibrant performance was a real success! It invoked many emotions in hearts of parents has their little masters presented their cherished memories through music and movement.

Annual Concert : (2015-16)
The Annual Concert "Happiness is ….. gifting memories was held on 27th Feb.'16. The children of Prep Junior and Prep. Senior confidently their acting skills of folk tales of different states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Kashmir, Maharashtra etc. and gave the audience a message through their stories to care , to share, not to be greedy work hard and also believe in god. Children made their parents feel proud by dancing rhythmically on the traditional folk dance.

The grand event was a huge success with 100% participation of the children and dedicated efforts from the preprimary team of teachers.
The audience filled their hearts with 'Joy and Happiness' to spread it "Around the world!!"

The entire show was an in house production including – script, choreography, drama, costumes, props and multimedia.

Glimpses of Prep Junior & Prep Senior Annual Concert – Crazy Soch….(2014-15)
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