Annual Sports
Annual Sports Day Nursery - (2016-17)
  Ready, Steady and Go....

Yes all children enthusiastically participated in their sports day; they all learnt the spirit of sportsmanship through their different races. They exhibited great discipline and co-ordination at such an early age through exercise, music and movement it was a treat to the eyes of every parent present there!

Prep. Junior Sports Day

Energy and enthusiasm was in the air at the jyoti ground for the Prep. Junior sports day. The ground turned into a "Happy street" with happy children enjoying their exercise, zumba and races.

Annual Sports Day - Nursery ( 2015-16)

Navrachana and Vidyani Pre-Primary Section, Sama had organized the Nursery Sports Day on Tuesday, 16th February'16 at school ground. The children showcased their talent with great zeal and enthusiasm. The focus of the event was to convey the importance of play in children's life. It was an irresistible and memorizing experience for the parents.

The theme was on Indian games and Indian flag. The children where dressed in different coloured T-shirt depicting the Indian flag. The children danced to the tune of A. R. Rehman's song sung during Common Wealth Games. The yoga and cycling by Prep. Senior KG too rocked the show.

Annual Sports Day - Prep. Junior (2015-16)
Wow! The Prep. Junior Sports Day on 'Save birds' theme was a huge success. The little crusaders of this noble campaign presented exquisite parade, energetic exercise and exciting relay race. They also perfomed a musical drill in a nature inspired formation, of clouds, trees and birds. Few Prep. Senior children displayed their body balance through cycling and yogasanas.

Annual Sports Day - Prep. Senior (2015-16)
Our little stars indeed gave us a souvenir to save our Earth, keep it clean and green through the theme of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Parents were amazed to see the young ones perform march past, drills and pyramids. The team spirit of our little ones was noticeable as they enjoyed the races and cheered their friends, without bothering about winning or losing.