Instilling traditional values in our children has been an important part of our curriculum. Various festivals are celebrated in the school and children get to learn about our Indian traditions and the stories and episodes related to each festival of different religions.
Uttarayan (2020-21)

Makar Sankranti It's time to enjoy the first popular festival of the year-Makar sankranti The festivities associated with this are known by various names such as Lohri in Punjab, Pongal in Tamilnadu, Bihu in Assam , Uttarayan in Gujarat where kite flying is an envitable part of this festival. One of the most special aspect of this festival is to do charity- to help needy, underprivileged people. We the educators of NVPP are donating food and have asked children to do so. This way inculcating the values of caring- sharing at the tender age. Wishing you all a prosperous, safe and delightful Makar sankranti,🤩🥳☀️🪁🧵

Christmas (2020-21)

Christmas was that time of the year which we all waited eagerly for. However Christmas 2020 was very different from previous years because of the ongoing pandemic and so the festival was celebrated virtually with little bit of creativity which made it a memorable oñe. The significance of the festival was explained to children through Christmas story. Teachers and children all dressed up red & white enjoyed dancing to the tunes of Carol's, relished DABBA PARTY, The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of children. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a wonderful year.

Diwali Celebration (2020-21)

Diwali aayi, Diwali aai
Khushiyon ki bahar laayi...
Yes, COVID cannot stop us from celebrating the victory of lights over the darkness, the triumph of good over evil and the rise of knowledge over ignorance. Children thoroughly enjoyed and enthusiasticaly participated in lantern making activity during the virtual class along with the stories and significance of celebrating Dipawali.Teachers also shared videos related to Diwali activities such as toran making, different types of Rangoli, cooking activity and many more during the non- virtual classes.
Wishing you all a very happy and safe Diwali!

Navratri and Dusherra (2020-21)

Jai mataji
We the teachers of NVPP did not let the ongoing pandemic get in the way of Navratri celebration , planned an unique way of celebrating Navratri 2020 by virtual participation. Teachers along with preschoolers dressed up in traditional attire, enjoyed dancing to the rhythmic beats. Parents too participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Children also enjoyed (during virtual & non virtual classes)listening to songs, stories on Navratri, along with importance & significance of Dusshera - The victory of truth over the evil.
Wishing you all a very happy and safe Diwali!

Math Week

To commemorate the birthday of the Indian Mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan, Math week (21st Dec. to 23rd Dec ) was celebrated at NVPP. Interesting activities were planned for Prep.Sr.K.G children. The idea was to encourage logical & analytical thinking in children besides their regular school mathematics. It was indeed a fruitful experience for children of NVPP.

Holi celebration!

The festival of colours was celebrated in its own unique way in our NVPP premises. Performances by Prep Jr. and Prep. Sr. kids made the day truly colourful and teacher's dance gave away visual treat to all the onlookers. Happy holi to one and all

Dental check up 2019

Jingle bells, jingle bells.... The festival of 'Christmas' was celebrated in our school with great enthusiasm. Children were excited as they all were wearing red and white dress.Few songs and dance put up by Prep. Jr. and Prep. Sr. children really added zeal to the environment.

Christmas Celebration

Jingle bells, jingle bells.... The festival of 'Christmas' was celebrated in our school with great enthusiasm. Children were excited as they all were wearing red and white dress.Few songs and dance put up by Prep. Jr. and Prep. Sr. children really added zeal to the environment.

Ganesh Visrajan-(2019-20)

Ganesh Chaturthi, considered to be one of the auspicious day in Hindu calendar was given it's due respect at our premises too. Puja, Aarti and various celebrations continued for 10 days for our own eco friendly Ganesha.

'Rakshabandhan Celebration (2019-20)'
  'Rakshabandhan', a festival so sacred and heavenly, was celebrated with this divine feeling in our NVPP campus. Teachers encouraged the siblings in the School to come forward and perform Rakhi tieing ritual in front of all the children.. Teachers also emphasized on the bonding and love between brother and sister by narrating related story and singing rhymes..
  As the times are changing and so is the philosophy of the society relationships go beyond humans! Taking care of each other, our environment and mother earth should be taught at an early age to see the longtime lasting impact. Protecting every being on the earth is also Rakshabandhan. Our preprimary children tied Rakhi to a tree, with a promise to take care of the future.
  What a splendid way indeed!!!
'Independence Day Celebration (2019-20)'
  Independence Day celebrations were filled with patriotism, Presentations of dance and song by teachers and children gave the message of oneness in diversity.
  Happy Independence Day to one and all! Jai Hind
'Gudi Padva'
'Gudi Padva' the maharashtrian festival, which symbolizes the ushering in, of a new year, was celebrated with our tiny tots, in our NVPP campus. Teachers drapped in traditional sarees explained the importance of this festival in child friendly manner. Enthusiasm and excitement was truly unmatched!!
Vasant Panchami Celebration
We celebrated Vasant Panchami today by worshipping Goddess Sarasvati. या कुन्देन्दुतुषारहार … the Saraswati Vandana was dedicated to the Goddess by a dance performance. All the teachers along with the staff and children were dressed in yellow to enhance the beginning of spring from this day. They recited सरस्वती महाभोग shloka followed by aarti in praise of the Goddess of learning.
Uttarayan Donation (2018)
We continue with our tradition of 'Joy of giving’ amidst the festivities of 'Uttarayan'. A festival which belongs to our roots We at NVPP rejoiced and forwarded the contributions brought by our kids to Jalaram old age home, Nizampura..An experience truly heavenly!!!
Children's Day
NVPP celebrated children's day with great fervour and gaiety to commemorate the birthday of our 1st Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Today both Teachers and children shared a warm and cordial time together by playing games. Mesmerizing dance performance by teachers and dabba party.
Gurunanak Jayanti
The trend of NVPP continues with yet another celebration of the forthcoming festival 'Guru Nanak Jayanti 'Blissful environment with the chanting of 'ek Omkar satnam wahe Guru' was created to signify the importance of the festival. Teachers inputs with live demos had a great impact on the children.
Diwali Celebration
Diwali, the festival of spreading happiness and ushering in of light in everybody's lives was celebrated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm by the children and teachers of NVPP. Their joy doubled when they sang and tapped their feet to the tunes of diwali songs. A skit by the parents on rituals, do's and don'ts of diwali reinforced the classroom teaching.
Janmashtami festival Children of Prep. Junior and Prep. Senior
  Janmashtami festival was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and vigour. Excitement was in the air. Children of Prep. Junior and Prep. Senior made the celebration lively enthralling and fascinating for their friends. They shared information related to Lord Krishna's family members, thus connecting the Prep. Junior K.g self awareness project of 'My Family'. Last, but not least, the highlight of the show was the dance on the tunes of ' Gokul ki galiyon main…' & 'Achuttam keshavam..'
Gandhi Jayanti
  A day to introspect and nurture the Gandhian values in ourselves and in our little ones was celebrated on our premises too. Teachers narrated the story of Gandhiji, highlighting his work in the freedom struggle and how we still follow his lifestyle in today's modern world. An inspiring day indeed!!
NVPP Celebrated the International Yoga Day
  International Yoga Day was celebrated in NVPP too with simple asanas and exercises for our children.
Republic Day
  The 68th Republic Day Celebration was conducted with great enthusiasm and instilled in all the children the sense of pride for the nation.
Chikki Distribution
'Caring is Sharing' – During Uttarayan
Happiness is making others smile! NVPPians learnt the art of sharing, and experienced the joy of giving as they gifted chikkis with their needy counterparts in the slums of sama.

Diwali a festival of lights..!!
Oh! our tiny stars, by spreading the colourful lights of their talent, celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm by saying no to crackers. They presented a good show and conveyed the message of 'Have a Eco-Friendly Diwali'.
Uttrayan Celebration in Pre-Primary
  On the onset of Spring season, our children enjoyed the first festival of the year, i.e. Uttrayan - 'The festival of kites'. Teachers flew colourful kites while children cheered and enjoyed the kite flying. They were sensitized about being environment conscious and take care of birds also!