Headmistress Speaks
From the desk of the Headmistress
Dear Parents,

Welcome to the well designed, colourful, spacious new building of the Pre-Primary section. I know that a storm is brewing in the field of education. The beliefs, the ways of teaching, the modes of communicating with the students – everything is being shaken up by this storm. Keeping the challenges in view, our Pre-Primary curriculum caters to overall development of children. The ethos at pre-primary has always been – ‘Every child matters.’ Keeping this thought foremost in minds of teachers, no child is ignored. Our class sizes are small and therefore we are able to monitor the progress of all our children closely and effectively. For the coming generation the challenge will not be ‘What to learn’ but from ‘Where to learn.’ Our Pre-Primary has always attempted to incorporate the changes happening in the global scenario of education.

The role of parents becomes more and more important in this and a continuous and co-operative interaction between the parents and teachers is a must. Teachers will interact with you from time to time through the pages of the diary. Please respond by signing the diary pages on a regular basis. Your co-operation and support will go a long way in the wholesome development of your child. Looking forward to a year of co-operation and support. Sincerely yours,

Geeta Sikdar