Field Trips
Nursery Picnic at Banyan Paradise

Hurray! Hurray!
It was picnic for us today…
A day filled with fun and zest oh! The day of picnic is the best.
The Nursery kids had a wonderful time at the picnic spot away from school where they watched magic show and were enthralled. The highlight of the day was children bringing their dabbas from home which they shared with their friends and made it a memorable day.
Annual picnic of Prep. Junior at Solace Farm (2018-19)

Chilling out with their friends and teachers in the lap of beautiful, lush green farm was indeed mesmerizing day for our children... Fun activities, jumping castle, movie, dance masti, yummy food ..a perfect blend to cherish.
Field trip to Care Dental Museum – Prep. Junior

In order to inculcate the significance of oral hygiene, NVPP had organized a field trip to India's first dental museum for our Prep. Junior kids. Children were enriched with lot of information about variety of tooth brushes and material related to dental care .Videos related to healthy eating habits and correct brushing methods were truly remarkable!
Field trip to Mudranidhi Coin Museum-

An event to look forward to came with back to back surprises. The venue 'Banyan Paradise ‘truly a paradise 'had all the ingredients for a fun filled day. Games, dance party, magic show, delicious food and much more ....Indeed a day to cherish!
Laxmi Vilas Palace!
Ganehsh Darshan at Dandiya Bazar

With the presence of Ganpati Bappa in the city, divinity is in the air. To spread and experience this bliss and heavenly feeling, children of Prep. Juniors visited a famous Ganpati pandal at Dandia bazaar. The beautiful decoration of the pandal mesmerized them and on the way they also saw famous landmarks of the city.
Sayajibaug Bird Section

Children of Prep. Juniors visited sayajibaug bird section. The objective was to enable them to have the experience of watching beautiful variety of birds in their natural habitat. Children were excited to hear different chirping of birds. The knowledge and information gathered about their intricate parts such as wings, feathers, beak, crown etc. was truly enriching and exciting at this tender age.
Visit to the Dental Museum

The Prep. Junior classes had a great opportunity to visit the "Dr. Chandarana Dental Museum" which is the first dental museum in Asia. Our children were excited to see, observe and enrich themselves with the dental equipment, stories related to dental and technologies that have evolved from early years to this date.
Joy Ride Nuresery

O What a fun filled ride it was! at Sayaji Baug's "Express joy ride". Nursery children had an excellent journey of their train ride. They were excited to board the train and wanted to see a glance of different animals in the Zoo. Two Crocodiles were basking in the sun, Ducks were playing in the pond and Emu were having a good play time with their babies.

Visit to the Sayajibaug – Traffic Park


An informative visit to the Traffic park at Sayaji baug to create an awareness about the traffic signs and its importance and reinforce their learning.
Swarg Maru Gaam

Picnic at Swarg Maru Gaam
Picnic is time to have fun and play to their heart's content with their friends – at "Swarg Maru Gaam". Children climbed up the commando web, jumped on the trampoline and the jumping cartel. The magician with his tricks amazed children. A group feast with their friends added to the whole atmosphere of the picnic.
Junior- Raman Farm

Field trip to an organic Farm

It was an enriching experience for children to explore and experience different vegetables in their growing stages in the farm. The process of sorting and packing of vegetables were also observed by children.
Nursery Day Out

Nursery children had great fun today in their Day Out to a farm where they enjoyed having their favourite food from their lunch box in a natural surrounding. They were thrilled to see various plants, trees and domestic animals. They also enjoyed playing games and socializing with their friends and teachers.
Field trip to Farm

Nursery children enjoyed their field trip to a farm, where farmers were working in the green fields. They saw trees/plants of various vegetables and fruits like mango, drumsticks, beans, brinjal, etc. Enjoying the walk in the farm under the sun gave them an opportunity to connect with nature.
Field trip of Nursery- Kamatibaug (Zoo)

Children of Nursery had a very good time watching animals at such a close proximity and in their natural environment. On their return they had so much to talk about all animals.
Field trip of Prep. Senior. - Vadodara Darshan

To know more about our famous cultural city at such a tender age was easily passed to these young group of Prep.Sr. they were shown all famous monuments and places of Vadodara city through a Bus ride.
Visit to the fire station.(2016-17)

Prep. Junior children went to T.P 13 fire station and were shown a demostration of how the fire fighter rescue people during a fire. They were explained the different equipments used during a rescue operation– axe, fire extinguisher, gumboots, different winds of nozzil's and hose pipe. Children were amazed to
see the whole demonstration.
Field trip to GSFC nursery( 2016-17)

Tiny tots of Nursery had fun filled and thrilling experience of joy ride at Sayajibaug.
'Day Out' at Shivam Party Plot - Nursery (2015-16)
Nursery children went to 'Shivam party plot' for a 'Day out'. They played games in the open with teachers and had their favourite food from their own tiffin box.
Reliance Fresh - Nursery (2015-16)
  Children were excited to see large quantity of fruits and vegetables at Reliance fresh, where they were taken for a visit to enhance their learning about these fruits and vegetables.
'Day out' at Sayajibaug - Prep. Junior (2015-16)
  Prep. Junior children enjoyed the 'Day out' at Sayajibaug as a part of our 'Food' project. To teach them the value of sharing, they were asked to bring different food items which was shared amongst all Prep. Junior kids. Teachers had also planned various games for their class and children had a fun filled day.
Traffic Park (Sayajibaug) – Prep. Senior (2015-16)
  Wow! We saw all the traffic sign boards at the traffic park of Sayajibaug.