The Pre-Primary broadly uses the Play Way Approach to teach the curriculum. Through this method, teachers facilitate students to understand basic concepts of language and numbers thus giving them the first lessons in Life Skills ( literacy and numeracy ). The Play Way Approach is further strengthened by hands-on activities conducted in and out of the classroom. Field Trips, Nature Walks, Celebrations of Festivals, Topic-based Projects, Science Experiments form a regular and important part of learning-through-doing.

Detailed Lesson Plans created by our own teachers are used to implement the curriculum in an innovative way that encourages children to explore and understand the lessons taught.

Teaching Aids and worksheets again especially created in-house are used extensively to make sure that each child understands what is being taught before the teacher moves on to the next topic.

Few Home assignments are given during the week, to encourage every child to get into the habit of self-study and to understand responsibility regarding school work.