Rules, Regulations & Code Of Conduct for Students
The School requires all members of the School Community to respect the feelings and needs of others. Generally, students understand and recognize very easily most of the unwritten rules and procedures which they must adhere to, so as to facilitate a conducive learning environment. However the following are the rules and regulations that students are expected to follow diligently.

a Students are expected to maintain proper hygiene when they come to school.They must have cut and clean nails, wear fresh, clean clothes and carry a handkerchief at all times.
b Boys are required to have a proper hair cut.
c Girls with long hair must tie them up neatly.
d All children must oil their hair properly and frequently.
e Shoes should be well polished and uniform washed and ironed to ensure a smart, well-groomed look.
a Attendance in the daily assembly/prayer is a must.
b Attendance on the opening and the closing days of a school term is compulsory.
c Students are required to be present at least 80% of the total working days in an academic year.
d Leave for more than three days may be taken only after obtaining a sanction in writing from the Headmistress.
e Absence on medical grounds needs to be supported by a Medical Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner from Vadodara.
f A continuous absence of 30 days, without prior sanction from the Headmistress, will cause the name of the student to be struck off the school register.
g Students must not attend school in case they have any contagious disease.
a Since your child is in an English medium school, students will be encouraged to converse in English during school hours.
b Private tuition is discouraged.
c Participation in co-curricular/extra-curricular activities/games and sports is compulsory.
a The School authorities try their best to protect the students at all times and to keep the school premises safe. However, the School will not be responsible for any unforseen mishap beyond its control.
b Any notice, or report given by the School must be collected by the student’s parents/guardians, and returned to the School, where necessary, with the signature of parents/guardians.
The School reserves the right to suspend, dismiss or terminate a student if the child:
a is suffering from a physical / psychological condition which in the opinion of the School will be harmful to other students.
b remains absent from school continuously for long periods or intermittently without prior permission from the Headmistress.
c Fails to pay fees within 30 days of last due date.

The School's decision in these cases will be final and binding.