School Activities

Pyjama Party

  The most memorable and cherished event of the pre-primary years proved to be the best... this year too...Children got full dose of entertainment, games, dancing, spending time with their friends, delicious food and much much more!!!

Our in-house organizers- the ever enthusiastic and dedicated teachers truly deserve lot of appreciation, as kids were mesmerized with this ultimate platter…
‘Fun Fiesta of our Prep. Senior kids’
  A holistic event involving their parents was truly a day to cherish. Each activity was intricately designed, keeping alive the fun and learning elements. Kudos to the team of teachers and our respected Geeta ma’am for putting up such a marvelous event for our Senior Kg kids. Last but not the least A BIG THANK YOU to our respected Shubhalakshmi ma’am for her kind and overwhelming appreciation!!
Junior Day out - Dabba party
  As the New Year has ushered in with loads and loads of positive energy, we at NVPP continue to strive ahead with full vigour... Kids of Prep. Juniors relished their favourite food brought by them from home. The objective was to develop joy of sharing... And the outcome was simply marvelous and blissful!!!
Nursery Presentation
  Presentation on clothes-
The Nursery - A children took us around the world and showed us costumes of different countries through a melodious rhyme presentation as a part of international school project somewhere in saree, while others where in kimono and kilt.
Nursery Teaching
Play way approach has always been our USP. Use of various teaching aids and interesting hands on activities, considering the milestones of our kids, tops our priority list. A glimpse of such activities and teaching aids marked this Saturday for our Nursery parents. Each parent had a thought provoking session.
Horse Show
  Fun filled and jaw dropping event 'horse show' was organized for the children of NVPP by one of our enthusiastic parent. Trained horses danced on the beats of melodious songs. Displayed various interesting tricks and had super fast rides with the trainer. Children were spellbound and their joy was beyond imagination!!
Nursery Community Helper
Community helpers project with a skit by parents made the learning fun for our tiny tots of Nursery. Seeing their parents enacting the role of community helpers interwoven in the form of a child friendly story. Oh what a splendid show!
Community Helpers
  Community helpers are indispensable. Our tiny tots dressed up as them were a treat to watch and hear about their roles. The tools they carried too were amazing. Kudos to our supportive parents team! Looking forward to seeing many more surprises unfold in near future.
Dog Show
  The much awaited event-Dog show was amazing and thrilling for the tiny tots of NVPP. The excitement of seeing different breeds of dogs was in the air. The children were amazed to see some dogs jumping to catch its food, others shaking hand with the owner. The efforts of our parents (our extended family) who took out time to get their own dogs for this show is worth appreciating and truly commendable.
1st day of Nursery
  The nursery's first step...
The first day of the nursery was filled with mixed emotions. The teacher's were excited and ready to welcome the youngest lot of pre-primary section to the well decorated nursery classrooms. At the other side the anxious parents, wondering and concerned about the reaction of their little ones when they would be left in the new environment. But this is the generation next ready to accept any challenges given to them and adopt quickly...
Junior Day out

  Another memorable day for our Prep. Junior shining stars as part of the Food Project, children learnt the value of sharing by giving the food brought from home to their friends. Teachers played games with them and children had a fantastic day.
Food Exhibition

It's fun to be kids and to perform in front of their own junior kg. Friends. This is what our nursery children experienced during the Food Exhibition!! All children were able to speak with confidence about their learning.
Class presentation of Prep. Junior class

Oh! What a great platform to develop self confidence and presentation skills. Children of Prep.Jr. Enjoyed performing in front of their own parents, exhibiting their classroom learning.
World of salads

Children of Prep. Junior had got an opportunity to experience, see, taste different Indian and Continental salads made by few mothers of their own classes. We teacher's were happy and surprised to see the enthusiasm of parents and excitement of children. All in all it was a great time!

Veggie Skit

  Our team of co-teachers performed a skit on vegetables to make children understand importance of eating every vegetable. Children were excited to see "all vegetables" talking to them! This skit would help children to understand the importance of healthy eating habit.
Community Helpers show by Pre-Primary parents- (2016-17)

Children of Nursery were thrilled to meet few of the community helpers in the school. Enthusiastic parents of Nursery I presented a good show. They all individually met children of Pre Junior classes also and answered all their queries. A good satisfying and learning event for the Pre-Primary children.
Winners of International Geeta Chanting Competition- (2016-17)

  Congratulations and Hats off to your hard work children. Om Bhatt (2nd Prize), Anushka Parekh (3rd Prize) and Vraj Luhana (Consolation) were the winners of International Geeta Chanting Competition held at District level. All the best for the state level competition too.
Visit to the fire station.(2016-17)

Prep. Junior children went to T.P 13 fire station and were shown a demostration of how the fire fighter rescue people during a fire. They were explained the different equipments used during a rescue operation– axe, fire extinguisher, gumboots, different winds of nozzil’s and hose pipe. Children were amazed to
Geeta Chanting Competiton(2016-17)

  We at NavrachanaVidyanipre primary do not miss any opportunity to enrich our children with our rich
Indian culture. Geeta chanting competition is one of our efforts continued for the past 7 years to pass
on our great Indian values to the next generations.
This year 300 of our tiny tots participated in the" Interschool round of geeta chanting competition"
and learnt 12 shlokas of Bhagvadgeeta chapter 16.
We are proud to announce the names of the children who have qualified at the interschool level and have

Proceeded to the final round.
✔ Yashvi Shah - Sr. G
✔ Mahek Shah - Jr. C
✔ Anushka Parekh - Sr. F
✔ LavaniyaAfle - Sr. J
✔ Kanishk Patel - Sr. K
✔ VrajLuhana - Sr. I
✔ Om Bhatt - Sr. F
Congratultions ! and all the best for the final round.

Three cheers for our brainy champs!!!
Our little genius have taken gigantic leaps at the National level Marrs Preschool Bee Competition where students of 300 schools from all over the country participated. The competition was held at Goa on 17th July’16. We are very proud to announce that Shreesha Gandhi (Nursery category) has secured 1st rank and Aishani Gupta (Nursery category) stood 7th at the National level competition.

First Day of Prep. Junior and Prep. Senior (2016-17)
  Prep. Junior and Prep. Senior children were very excited to be back to school after a long vacation. The day went in thrill and joy of meeting new class teachers and friends, new classroom, new toys, new bag etc. which added the zeal to their happiness.
First Day of Nursery (2016-17)
  Fun filled beginning of ‘school life’ indeed! Tiny tots were warmly welcomed with hugs and pampers by nursery teachers. They spent a happy day sliding with joy and rocking with friends in the colourful outdoors. They relished a healthy yummy brunch and learnt that school is really a cool place to be!
Inter Preschool Dramatization Presentation at Bright Day School, Vasna

Few Prep. Senior children participated in Abhinav - Inter Preschool Dramatization Presentation event held at Bright Day School, Vasna. The objective of the story was to reinforce the birthday party etiquettes in our little ones.

Ms. Etiquette, played by Paavani Limaye begged the 'Best Costume' and Ms. Happy, played by Diya Patel won the 'Best Narrator's prize. Proud of them!

The Dog Show in Pre-Primary (2015-16)
  With an objective of sensitizing children towards, a dog show was organized at Pre-Primary. Different breeds like Shih tzu, Pomeranian, Labrador, Pug, Dalmations , Alsatian, etc. moved around comfortably putting up a walk on the stage. Children touched and were excited to learn about their tail, fur, food habits etc.