School Activities

Rakshabandhan and Friendship Day (2020-21)
  Rakshabandhan celebrates the bond of brothers and sisters . During the virtual classes teachers shared a presentation showing the rituals to be followed while celebrating the festival,
the mythological stories behind it and shared a rakhi song which made the day truly memorable!!

Children tie friendship bands, make cards for their friends. But during this unprecedented time, it was difficult to meet friends.
Teachers made it possible by discussing the importance of friends, showing them songs & enabling them to make cards and bands and share them virtually.
Online Classes (2020-21)
  For our Senior K G children, virtual learning is something never explored before. Due to the current pandemic situation ,
digital technology for preschoolers has made the teachers go beyond the creativity.- making videos, and presentations.
Children are able to interact with their friends and teachers easily.
Parents Day (2020-21)
  Parents are the first teachers. To show how much parents play a vital role in upbringing the children,
teachers discussed their importance during the virtual classes. To make Parents Day unforgettable,
children were asked to make a playhouse using pillows & bedsheets & click a picture with parents. Along with children,
parents were all the more happy to spare their valuable time with their kids.
Teachers upgrading themselves and becoming tech savy!
  Ms. Nitu Sharma wanted to reach out to the society through her class children.
Pyjama Party 2019-20!
  A home away from home - children of Prep. Senior enjoyed to the fullest, the 24 hour stay with us without their parents. Joyride, Magic show, Games, Tattoo booth and Photo booth were the major attractions.
The memories they will take back of their pillow fight and dance with friends will linger for a long time.
Science Day!
  Curiosity is the mother of all inventions. We celebrated science day with great zeal and enthusiasm on 28th Feb.'20. Children were given hands on experience to a lot of science experiments that were aimed at nurturing their exploring and learning skills.
‘Fun Fiesta of our Prep. Senior kids’
  A holistic event involving their parents was truly a day to cherish. Each activity was intricately designed, keeping alive the fun and learning elements. Kudos to the team of teachers and our respected Geeta ma’am for putting up such a marvelous event for our Senior Kg kids. Last but not the least A BIG THANK YOU to our respected Shubhalakshmi ma’am for her kind and overwhelming appreciation!!
Junior Day out - Dabba party
  As the New Year has ushered in with loads and loads of positive energy, we at NVPP continue to strive ahead with full vigour... Kids of Prep. Juniors relished their favourite food brought by them from home. The objective was to develop joy of sharing... And the outcome was simply marvelous and blissful!!!
Community Helpers
  Community helpers are indispensable. Our tiny tots dressed up as them were a treat to watch and hear about their roles. The tools they carried too were amazing. Kudos to our supportive parents team! Looking forward to seeing many more surprises unfold in near future.
Dog Show
  It was a joint effort of all the three groups of teachers and parents to have a dog show in the school. It was an amazing and enriching experience for our kids.
The 1st day of Prep. Jr. and Prep. Sr.
Food Exhibition

It's fun to be kids and to perform in front of their own junior kg. Friends. This is what our nursery children experienced during the Food Exhibition!! All children were able to speak with confidence about their learning.
Class presentation of Prep. Junior class

Oh! What a great platform to develop self confidence and presentation skills. Children of Prep.Jr. Enjoyed performing in front of their own parents, exhibiting their classroom learning.
World of salads

Children of Prep. Junior had got an opportunity to experience, see, taste different Indian and Continental salads made by few mothers of their own classes. We teacher's were happy and surprised to see the enthusiasm of parents and excitement of children. All in all it was a great time!

Veggie Skit

  Our team of co-teachers performed a skit on vegetables to make children understand importance of eating every vegetable. Children were excited to see "all vegetables" talking to them! This skit would help children to understand the importance of healthy eating habit.
Geeta Chanting Competiton(2019-20)

  Chinmay mission's Geeta chanting competition held in NVPP left a mark of it's own and instilled the values of our rich scripture in our tiny tots. Regular recitation of Geeta shlokas has become a part and parcel of our daily routine.
Inter Preschool Dramatization Presentation at Bright Day School, Vasna

Few Prep. Senior children participated in Abhinav - Inter Preschool Dramatization Presentation event held at Bright Day School, Vasna. The objective of the story was to reinforce the birthday party etiquettes in our little ones.

Ms. Etiquette, played by Paavani Limaye begged the 'Best Costume' and Ms. Happy, played by Diya Patel won the 'Best Narrator's prize. Proud of them!