Board of Trustees
Rahul Amin
President, Industrialist
Tejal Amin
Chairman and Management
Committee Members, Educationis
Vivek Ekbote
Corporate Secretary Executive
Uresh V Desai
Trustee and Management,
Committee Members, Educationist, Industrialist
Dr. K K Thakkar
Trustee and Management
Committee Members, Technocrats, Academicians
Pradeep Sinha
Trustee and Management, Committee Members,
Industrial and Product Designer
Dr. T K S Lakshmi
Trustee, Academician
N B Dongre
Trustee, Tax Consultant
Dr. V V Modi
Trustee, Academician
Toral Patel
Trustee, Educationist
K K Choksi
Trustee, Labour Llaw Consultant
G B Patel
Trustee, Academician
Sandhya Bordewekar Gajjar
Management Committee Members,
Suchitra Parikh
Management Committee Members,
HR professional
Shubhalakshmi Amin
Executive Director,
Management Committee Members,
management professional